Primeurs 2021

A return to the standards, after an elusive wine season
After 5 hot – sometimes scorching – years, and marked by exceptionally early growth like in 2020, 2021 will leave an indelible mark in winegrowers’ hearts. In spite of a chaotic season, the workers’ labours produced a vintage with almost-forgotten characteristics. Post-harvest, the fine balance of the Ermitage whites gives us wines of great minerality and the elegance of the Syrahs reminds us of a proper Northern Rhone Valley vintage. The 2021 Primeurs campaign is open! Find the Selections Parcellaires of Maison M. CHAPOUTIER and its Estates. Delivery in the first semester of 2024.

Our terroirs

Soil talks: if you listen to it and stick with it, that soil will produce wines of character and expressions of different terroirs.
Terroir is a combination of soil, climate and man’s know-how. It’s impossible to make the best wine. Trying to get the best possible snapshot of a terroir is the art of the vintner. It’s not about making technical wines, but serving the terroir. Allowing it to express itself truthfully. Man can make or destroy a terroir.

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