A table in a restaurant with glasses.

Chefs range

For M. CHAPOUTIER, a wine must always be paired with food. Always. It never exists alone. It is therefore only natural that our company should cross paths with renowned chefs, three of whom have agreed to join us on this adventure: Anne-Sophie Pic, Yannick Alléno and Joseph Viola, each of them working to combine a range of wines with the...
A bottle of Lucidius.

Paul Lucidi & Michel Chapoutier

A meeting. Friendship at first sight. Michel Chapoutier and Paul Lucidi set themselves a challenge: to plant a vineyard at the heart of the Rhône hills in the commune of Chasse-sur-Rhône. Lucidus, from the Latin "sparkling, luminous", and home to an elegant, generous, simple wines.
Stenopée's capsule.

Veuve Devaux & Michel Chapoutier

This champagne brings two major wine growing regions together as never before: Rhône Valley and M. CHAPOUTIER’S know-how together with Champagne, and its prestigious signature. A perennial vintage, Sténopé champagne portrays the most representative picture of a given year. Harvest after harvest, it’s different,...
A bottle of La Pleiade.

Elva et Ron Laughton & Corinne et Michel Chapoutier

With La Pléiade, Michel Chapoutier and Ron Laughton undertook an amazing challenge: to make a terroir out of simple land right on a clay fault in Australia. In 1990, the idea of terroir was new to that continent, and questions abounded about biodynamic processes… But the first vintage is a beauty and so the adventure continued: in...
A dead tree in the australian plain.

Terlato & Chapoutier

The Terlato & Chapoutier domain: the company’s third project in Australia, and the second domain in Victoria, to the north-east of Melbourne. Michel Chapoutier joined forces with the Terlato family (the company’s American distributor) in 2000. The new domain is located in the Great Western Victoria’s Pyrenees on clay- and...