Our hermitage "Le Pavillon"


What better way to describe a Sélection Parcellaire (Single Vineyard Selection) than to say that it is a precise ‘photographic’ image of a terroir? In view of the painstaking work involved, this title is something that must be earned.
Our white hermitage "Chante-Alouette"


The quintessence. Wines for connoisseurs. Remarkable and exceptional wines from M. CHAPOUTIER’s estates. Each of these rare gems come from the quintessence of several outstanding parcels that will give the jewels of their appellation.
Our Cornas "Les Arènes"


Heritage. These classic Grand Crus from Maison M. CHAPOUTIER reflect the true essence of their Rhône Valley appellations.
Our Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche


Reference. The key stone of the Maison M. CHAPOUTIER, they are rich, smooth, easy to drink and offer a wide palette of flavours and aromas true to their appellations. The journey through the appellations of the Rhône Valley is enriched by a collection of organic wines
Domaines des Granges de Mirabel


FOR LOVE. A precursor in biodynamic farming, M. CHAPOUTIER continues to push back the boundaries of the concept. Apart from the care given to the vine, one pervading principle prevails in the Observatory: love.
Fine Eau-de-vie 1966


An extension of Maison M. CHAPOUTIER’s soul. Our wines and our collectors spirit made from our finest wines enhance the pleasure of a good meal and reflect the infinite diversity of the M. CHAPOUTIER vineyards.