M. CHAPOUTIER and gastronomy are intimately interwoven. Our company has extended its universe beyond Tain l’Hermitage, its fiefdom, by creating four ‘fac&spera’ cellars, first in Lyon, then in Nancy, Troyes and Avignon. Dressed in glass and wood, for total transparency, offering a view of the full products range, the fac&spera wine stores are designed like little “ jewellery shops” devoted to wine.

The watchword is diversity!
M. CHAPOUTIER wines … but not only. We reserved space for Maisons for which we had a crush, on champagnes, on spirits. The Rhône Valley obviously is well-represented, followed by Burgundy. And it is possible to Taste one of the wines in situ, with a plate of cold cuts or cheeses. And why not a few oysters? A wine is never as good as when it’s accompanied by something to nibble… 

Wine Cellar Fac&Spera Lyon

The first wine cellar opened is in the mythical Paul Bocuse indoor food market, at the heart of Lyon’s gastronomy. At fac&spera, products are chosen for their immediate appeal. There are many terroirs to explore. Those of Maison M. CHAPOUTIER naturally, but not solely.

Adress :
Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse
102 Cours Lafayette
69003 Lyon

Business hours :
Tuesday to friday: 9am - 1pm / 2pm - 7pm
Saturday : 9am - 7pm
Sunday : 9am - 12.30 pm

Phone number : 00 33 4 78 60 29 10

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Wine Cellar Fac&Spera Nancy

In May 2018, a new M. CHAPOUTIER winery opened its doors in Nancy’s covered market, which is recognised as the most beautiful market in France’s Lorraine region. Shop manager Anais, with background as a sommelier, offers her advice to all Maison M. Chapoutier's wines lovers.

Adress : 
Marché Couvert
Rue Charles III
54000 Nancy

Business hours :
Wednesday: 09.30am - 3pm
Thursday to saturday: 9.30am - 1.30pm / 2.30pm - 7pm
Sunday: 9am - 1pm

Phone number : 00 33 3 83 53 90 32

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Cave Fac&Spera Troyes

Cave Fac&Spera Troyes

The design of this impressive metal, glass and cast-iron building is directly inspired from the covered markets in Paris. Shop manager Matthieu is also a sommelier. His career started by the sides of Chef Bernard Loiseau. He was then rapidly influenced by the Rhône valley region after a stint in Valence with Chef Anne-Sophie Pic. 

Adress :
Marché des Halles
Rue Claude Huez
10000 Troyes

Business hours :

Monday : 9am - 1pm
Tuesday to thursday: 9am - 1pm / 3.30pm - 7pm
Wednesday: closed
Friday and saturday: 9am - 1pm / 2pm - 7pm
Sunday: 9am - 12.30pm

Phone number : 00 33 3 25 80 66 59

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Wine Cellar Fac&Spera Avignon

The Avignon fac&spera wine cellar is located in the heart of the historic food market, known for its impressive 600 square meter plant wall. Our sommelier will make you discover a sophisticated selection of wines from Maison M. Chapoutier, as well as the carefully chosen wines from winemakers of the Rhône Valley. and other regions.

Adress :
Halles Centrales
18 place Pie

Business hours:
Tuesday to sunday : 8h30 - 14h

Phone number : 00 33 4 32 76 21 75

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Wine cellar Fac&Spera Charbonnières-les-Bains

From Tain l'Hermitage to Lyon, Maison M. CHAPOUTIER reveals its new Fac & Spera cellar, the fifth of the name, after the one located at the iconic Halles Paul Bocuse. As wine cellar dedicated to oenology, dive into the subtle world of wine. Specializing in wines from the Rhône Valley, Burgundy and Champagne, it offers a wide range of French and foreign wines. M. CHAPOUTIER wines but not only, the cellar gives way to its favorite estates as well. Warm welcome, wise advice, the wine merchants will make you discover these wines as well as a very fine selection of spirits, beers and fruit juices.

Adress :
Halles de l'Ouest
100 route de Paris 
69260 Charbonnières les Bains

Business hours :
Tuesday: 10am-1pm and 2pm-7pm
Wednesday: 10am-1pm et 2.30pm-7pm
Thursday: 9am-1pm and 2.30pm-7.30pm
Friday: 9am-1pm and 2pm-7.30pm
Saturday : 9am-1pm and 2pm-7.30pm
Sunday : 9am-1pm

Phone number : 00 33 4 78 20 72 35
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