Bile-Haut vines

Domaine de Bila-Haut

It was in Latour de France that he chose to set up his domain. The vines of Bila-Haut and Occultum Lapidem were the first expressions of this terroir.
Dominio del Soto vines

Dominio del Soto

Spanish wines have always been a favourite of Michel Chapoutier. It was therefore of no surprise that the company should look for a domain there.
Sainte-Victoire mountain

Château des Ferrages

Cherry-picked by Mathilde Chapoutier Selection, the Château des Ferrages domain is in Pourcieux, halfway between Aix-en-Provence and Saint-Maximin, in the prime plots of the Sainte-Victoire appellation.
The Douro Valley

Dos Lusiadas

In 2009, Michel Chapoutier picked out a plot in the Douro Valley. A small – very small – plot of 3 hectares.   A few meetings with local producers later, a new story begins.
Roc Folassière vines

Roc Folassière

In Valliguières, Gard county, Roc Folassière estate brings with it an age-old quest.
Schieferkopf vineyard


Schieferkopf heralds a new discovery of Alsatian and German terroirs. 
Australian vines

Domaine Tournon

For Michel Chapoutier, Australia was pure intuition. In 1997, it becomes a love at first sight.
Saint-Etienne vines


This domain held a twin appeal for M. CHAPOUTIER: a vineyard already converted to organic in Montfrin in Gard county.
TRENEL vines


There are numerous similarities between Maison Trenel and M. CHAPOUTIER, their shared love of excellence being the first.

Marius by Michel Chapoutier

As Marius, Michel Chapoutier’s great-grandfather, always said ‘A good wine is one that beckons us to take another sip’.