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TRENEL - Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne Bio

Crème de Cassis

Red Red wine

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Colour : Dense red in color, bright with purple tints
Nose : The nose is dominated by the fruit mingled with notes of dark chocolate and coffee.
Mouth : It is a very elegant liqueur where the perfect balance between sugar and alcohol gives a predominant place to the fruit’s aromas.

Sommelier tips

Drink it pure with ice or with some sparkling water to taste it fully. Pour it in a glass of Mâcon Villages Trénel to produce a velvety aperitif.
Add it in a cocktail for a touch of freshness and powerful fruits. For example, mix 15 ml Crème de Cassis de Bourgogne Bio Trénel with grated ginger, 40 ml gin et the juice of half a lime. Serve on ice with brut cider.
All our fruit-liqueurs are free from preservatives. Please store them in the fridge after opening.


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